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Tic Tac | 29g

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Exotic Tic Tac | 29g

Experience the refreshing taste of Exotic Tic Tac Limited Edition, featuring the invigorating Lemon-Lime flavor. Each box contains 29g of these artificially flavored mints, crafted to perfection to provide a burst of citrus goodness in every tiny mint. Whether youÕre in need of a quick refresher after a meal or seeking a revitalizing moment throughout your day, Exotic Tic Tac is the ideal choice. Introducing the sensational Exotic Tic Tac Limited Edition! Get ready to embark on a taste journey with the invigorating Lemon-Lime flavor that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. These tiny, yet powerful, artificially flavored mints are theÊ to keep you feeling minty fresh all day long! Each box of Exotic Tic Tac contains 29g of minty goodness, making it the ideal size to slip into your pocket or purse. Whether youÕre out and about, need a quick refresher after a meal, or simply want to enjoy a burst of flavor, Exotic Tic Tac Limited Edition is here to elevate your taste experience. The delightful Lemon-Lime flavor is crafted to perfection, providing a harmonious balance of tangy citrus and sweet zest. ItÕs the perfect pick-me-up for those who crave a touch of exotic flair in their day. Keep yourself feeling minty fresh on the go and enjoy the delightful balance of tangy citrus and sweet zest with Exotic Tic Tac Limited Edition. DonÕt miss the opportunity to elevate your taste experience with this limited edition treat! DonÕt miss the chance to try this limited edition delight. Grab your Exotic Tic Tac mints today and savor the exotic refreshment that these mints have to offer!

Exotic Tic Tac Flavor

  • Lemon-Lime

Product Information

  • Perfect on-the-go companion
  • Limited Edition Tic Tac
  • Exotic Snack From Canada And USA