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Skittles Flavor Mashups | 204g

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Exotic Skittles Flavor Mashups | 204g

Introducing the Exotic Skittles Flavor Mashups, the ultimate treat for your taste buds! Experience the perfect fusion of Exotic Wild Berry and Tropical Skittles in one mind-blowing bag. When you open this 204g large shareable size bag, get ready for a flavor explosion like never before. These exotic candy wonders have been carefully crafted to tantalize your senses and take you on a flavor adventure. Picture this: juicy Wild Berry flavors dancing with tangy Tropical sensations, creating a symphony of taste that'll make your mouth water. Each bite is a rollercoaster ride of sweet, sour, and tropical goodness, keeping you hooked from the very first Skittle to the last. These Flavor Mashups are not your ordinary Skittles. They're the result of a collaboration between candy connoisseurs from Canada and the USA, bringing together the best of both worlds. The exotic blend of flavors will transport you to a tropical paradise, where every chew is a burst of fruity paradise. Whether you're sharing them with friends at a movie night or keeping them all to yourself (we won't judge), these Exotic Skittles Flavor Mashups are designed to delight candy lovers with their unique taste and vibrant packaging. Don't miss out on this limited edition treat! Grab your bag of Exotic Skittles Flavor Mashups today and let the flavors take you on a wild and tropical ride. Get ready to #TasteTheExotic and discover a whole new level of Skittles awesomeness!

Exotic Skittles Flavors

  • Exotic Wild Berry + Tropical SkittlesÊ

Additional Product Information

  • Each Bag Contains A Combo Of Favorite Skittles
  • 204g Large Shareable Size Bag
  • Exotic Candy From Canada And USA