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Nestle Coffee Crisp Double Double | 50g

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Nestle Coffee Crisp Double Double | 50g

Indulge in the Ultimate Canadian Treat: Nestle Coffee Crisp Double Double! The Nestle Coffee Crisp Double Double. This unique and utterly delicious treat combines two Canadian icons in one exquisite package. The classic Coffee Crisp chocolate bar and given it a Canadian twist. You know how much we adore our double doubles Ð two creams, two sugars Ð in our coffee? Well, weÕve captured that essence and infused it into your favorite chocolate bar. With the Nestle Coffee Crisp Double Double, youÕre not just getting a chocolate bar; youÕre experiencing a piece of Canadian culture. ItÕs like a warm hug from a friend you didnÕt know you had. Each Nestle Coffee Crisp Double Double is a generous 50g of pure chocolatey pleasure. ItÕs the perfect size to share with friends or savor all to yourself. From the first bite, youÕll be transported to a cozy Canadian cafŽ, with the rich flavors of coffee and cream dancing on your taste buds. ItÕs the perfect balance of sweetness and that satisfying coffee kick. This is more than just a chocolate bar; itÕs a piece of Canadian nostalgia that you can carry with you, wherever you go.

Additional Product Information

  • ÊDouble Double Delight
  • A Taste of the Great White North
  • Ê50g of Pure Bliss