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Nerds Rainbow Gummy Clusters | 524g

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Nerds Rainbow Gummy Clusters | 524g

Elevate your snacking experience with Nerds Rainbow Gummy Clusters. These gummy clusters take the iconic Nerds candy flavors and transform them into a chewy, gummy form, creating a taste sensation thatÕs a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. With a variety of flavor combos, including strawberry and grape, watermelon and cherry, and more, youÕll be treated to a fruity fusion thatÕs sure to delight all ages. With a generous 524g of Gummy Clusters in every bag, you have the option to share these flavorful treats with friends or indulge in a personal snacking adventure. Dive into the world of Nerds Rainbow Gummy Clusters and embrace the vibrant Nerds candy flavors like never before. With a whopping 524g of Gummy Clusters in every bag, youÕve got plenty to share. Bring them to your next gathering, keep them on hand for impromptu snack sessions, or simply enjoy them when youÕre in the mood for a burst of fruity goodness. Nerds Rainbow Gummy Clusters are here to add some color to your snacking moments.

Additional Product Information

  • Tangy & Crunch on the outside
  • Recloseable bag
  • 18.5oz Shareable Family Size