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Coca Cola Sakura Soda | 400mL

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Coca Cola Sakura Soda | 400mL

Coca Cola Sakura Soda, a taste of Japan in every 400mL bottle! This limited edition soda is a delightful blend of classic Coca Cola with the delicate essence of Sakura cherry blossoms. ItÕs like a sip of springtime in a bottle! Experience the subtle floral notes mingling with the iconic Coca Cola fizz, creating a unique and refreshing flavor profile. Perfect for those seeking something extraordinary and a little in their beverage choices. Whether youÕre a fan of Japanese culture or simply looking for a one-of-a-kind soda to enjoy, the Coca Cola Sakura Soda is a must-try. ItÕs great for sipping on a sunny day, pairing with your favorite meals, or adding a touch of elegance to any occasion. This limited edition flavor wonÕt be around for long, so seize the opportunity to savor this unique soda sensation. Grab your Coca Cola Sakura Soda today and elevate your refreshment game to a whole new level.

Additional Product Information

  • Made in China
  • Fusion of classic Coke with delicate Sakura cherry blossoms
  • Experience the taste of Japan in every 400mL sip